Innovation through Physics and Engineering

Courses program

The EIPHI curriculum consists in 5 MSc programs in 2 years (120 ECTS) and a PhD degree in 3 years

Each EIPHI program is divided in lectures, exercises, practical and projects activities and most of them are taught in English. The master’s program provides complementary courses in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge as well as broad digital, societal, cultural, environmental, and entrepreneurial skills.

An individual supervision all along the curriculum will be offered to EIPHI students, combining:

– a personal project/thesis advisor in close connection with a specific research group and
– a mentor, found in a specific staff of scientists coming from other groups.

Here below the main content of an EIPHI program:

5  EIPHI programs Physics, Mathematics
and Applications
Smart Systems
& Structures
EnergyMaterial ScienceComputer ScienceECTS
Master 1

Semesters 1 & 2
Core sciences courses (including research project 1 day/week in the lab: 6 ECTS)33
Interdisciplinary courses 12
Soft Skills (foreign languages, digital skills, transversal skills, entrepreneurial skills)9
Research internship or longtime project (full time in a lab during 4-8 weeks - international exchanges)6
Master 2

Semester 3
Specialization courses including Advanced research project (2 days/week in the lab: 6 ECTS)24
Soft Skills 6
Master 2

Semester 4
Research Internship (full time in a R&D company or in a lab - international exchanges)30
Master Total ECTS:120
(with personal mentor and advisors)
Research Project
Individual Training Program (transferrable soft skills, scientific/technical tools, specific graduate courses, industry courses, laboratory & technology courses..)
Networking (career events, International conferences, International mobility / secondment to a partner, outreach events, alumni association/Student Chapter)
Personal supervision activity (Tutor of a M.Sc. Student in UBFC)
PhD Total training program only (corresponds to 150h of class and/or activities  (50h more than standard doctoral school program) 15
Lifelong learning program

Physics, mathematics & applications


Computer Science

Smart systems & structures

Material Science